ROW by TUNDRA at Mumbai Light Festival: Satellite - Bombay Arthouse

ROW by TUNDRA at Mumbai Light Festival: Satellite | Edition 1

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A row is a basic way to structure data – from mathematics to twelve notes of the chromatic scale in music. Taking off from there, this installation – composed of a modular and scalable array of screens – takes the shape of a canvas which is constantly shifting in length and shape. Translating raw visuals driven by generative sound, the content is echoed on this canvas with a slight delay, thus creating various moving patterns that highlight and reflect the spatial characteristics of the space where it is installed.

In turns hypnotic, meditative and dazzling, ROW by the multidisciplinary artist collective TUNDRA has enthralled viewers worldwide with exhibitions in London, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Barcelona and more. It was a Jury Selection at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival and also won an Individual Award in the “Light Installation” category of CITIC Press Lightening Selection (China).

It was an absolute pleasure for us to bring it to India for the very first time.

Showcased at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai from 21 Sept – 5 Oct 2022.