Local perspectives, global opportunities. Water as Leverage

Local perspectives, global opportunities. Water as Leverage

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The Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia (WaL) program is an innovative, inclusive and comprehensive approach. WaL works with the cities of Chennai, Khulna and Semarang to progress, leapfrog and transform their water, urban and climate challenges.

Water as Leverage’s ambition is to bridge the gaps between communities, experts, policy makers and financiers. The aim is to develop best and catalytic solutions for climate action and sustainable development. People are the most important drivers of change so they are also at the heart of the Water as Leverage programme. That is why, in this film, the floor is given to one of the three local ambassadors of ‘Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia’, from their personal and professional perspectives: Jayshree Vencatesan in Chennai, Abir Ul Jabbar in Khulna en Ismet Adipradana in Semarang. Three inspiring partners, true ambassadors of Water as Leverage, with love for their city and the communities, with passion and the continuous drive to make their city more equitable, sustainable and climate resilient.

For more info, please visit: www.waterasleverage.org

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